Thursday, August 28, 2008

start of creativity_Nastya

Our tourist day started with “light mobile lunch” after which it was quite hard to even breathe and continued in Kaunas. A trip to Kaunas was a great choice for a start. The venue was probably selected by tutors so that even Vilnius residents could feel theirselves “new” in the environment. Among our “art activities” we had a presentation about LitPro project itself and got acquainted with its team, got to know our tutors and of course, presented ourselves.
Self-presentations was our creative homework and was challenging enough to let us encompass us or part of us on this little sheet of A4 paper. Now I am ( or we are?) far better informed on how the A4 sheet of paper can be used: this can be a platform to which you can attach things that reflect your interests and habits, this can be simply drawing sheet when you feel yourself almost like at school taking part in art classes, or, simply, the stage where you can perform. However, there are also lots of means to use blank paper to express yourself. In this case, the paper was crushed, pressed, carefully folded and unfolded to reveal different sides of the personality of the presenter. It was interesting and exciting to both take part in it and see what others did. [Documentation attached]
We were staying in a wonderful hotel:once a posh place for only rich and now only remembering its better days It was quite hard to find elevator and brown bread for breakfast but the rooms are almost a history object as the dryers standing attached to the walls in the bathroom were probably among the first “foreign” equipment imported in the Soviet times to make this place even more attractive for tourists.
Rather blurred feeling from new faces and unusual surrounding was smootheed a bit with a few pints of beer in one of the famous Kaunas’ bar – BO Baras. Now the “activities” are still continuing and I believe there will be more and more positive feedbackS from the others

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